Vinyasa Flow yoga is a series of graceful, short, repetitive movements, which create stability, flexibility, and physical and mental strength.

I teach private or small groups classes in the comfort of your home at a convenient time to suit your schedule. Bringing music, straps and blocks, I offer a stress free way of taking one hour out of your week, to devote to yourself on the mat.

Stress is becoming one of the main factors in our society today due to spending more and more hours working.  This is having a negative effect on our well being so in order lead an optimal and healthy life we need to consider the happiness and wellbeing of employees.  I offer corporate classes which can take place in your office or workplace.

The pressures on teenagers to perform well at school has had a profound affect on their happiness and self esteem, so my aim is to set the foundations to help promote a better school life for them. My classes will help to improve focus, stimulate the mind and take away the stresses in the body. 

There are huge benefits to everyone taking up a weekly yoga practice:

– Overall health improvement

– Manage stress

– Improved posture

– Improved strength

– Increased flexibility

– Improved sleep

– Increased energy

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